Student Loan Solutions can help you understand your options for managing your federal student loans. We know the ins and outs of federal student loans and can help you decide which repayment options are right for your situation. It's important to know that we are not a collection agency and we will never ask for any money from you.

Answering the following questions in our step-by-step guide will help us determine the best federal student loan option for you.

There is a good chance you do have a federal student loan, but we need to know for sure. Contact a student loan advocate immediately at 877-553-7010. We can research the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to determine if you have federal student loans and how much you might owe. Call us at 877-553-7010. If you want to research your loan status on your own, go directly to

If you are in school more than half-time, you can get an in-school deferment. A deferment is a temporary suspension of loan payments for specific situations such as reenrollment in school.

There are a number of repayment options that can work for someone who is employed. Based on your income,
we can determine the right option for you.

For individuals who are unemployed and looking for work, there are options for lowering your monthly payments, which are recommended,
or postponing payments until you are working again.

Thank you for serving our country. Active duty military personnel or National Guard members who are called to active duty
can take advantage of military deferments.